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Boosterthon 2017

This year, students experienced an amazing character theme, CASTLE QUEST!, an English castle theme all about being brave and living with character. On their quest to regain Bravemore Castle, students learned the “SIX VIRTUES of a TRUE HERO”: focus, self-awareness, respect, trustworthiness, creativity and life-learner. The 9-day program concluded with the Fun Run on October 4. The kids had a blast!

We are excited to report that we exceeded our fundraising goal and raised $37,119.70 for our new playground! (Although we do have $418.70 still outstanding. If you haven't yet sent in your pledge payment, simply send it to school to your child's teacher.)

To celebrate, the kids will have movie parties in their classrooms on December 19. In addition, pledges were received from all 50 states and 8 countries. Which means Mr. Aldridge will be dressing up as a pirate and walking the plank into a pool of goo on November 17. Thank you for making Boosterthon 2017 such a success!


Did you know that...

  • 10% of the funds raised in each classroom went back to the teachers to provide additional supplies for your students?

  • As part of its "Project Classroom" program, Boosterthon is making a donation in the name of Avalon Elementary to the Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund and Hurricane Irma Recovery Fund to help schools directly? 100% of donations to these funds will go directly to schools impacted by the storms.

We'd like to thank the sponsors of the Fun Run t-shirt:

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